Most Splendid Lake of Uzungol: A Travel Guide

Lake of Uzungol in Trabzon is one of nature’s most exceptional works. Uzungol charms everyone with its clear shimmering waters, the vast forest around it, clean air and precious habitat. It is a place that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

History And Location

Uzungol located in Trabzon, twenty kilometers away from the closest county Caykara and 1100 kilometers above sea level. Like most of the Black Sea Region locations, it covered with a thick forest cover and rainy most of the year.

The first settlement in the region was about the year 1585 by Greek people. It called Saroha by Greeks. After Turks come and settled the name changed to Serah. In the first years of the Turkish republic, Uzungol was a part of Of county, but it changed after Caykara became a county itself.


Formation and Nature of The Lake

Uzungol is one of the most excellent examples of crater lakes. A landslide formed 1000 meters pit, and torrential rain of the region and a local river named Haldizen transformed it into a lake.

Forest around Uzungol has a rich habitat. Over 70 endemic plant species, about 60 mammal animals and 250 types of birds can be seen around the lake. Also, the lake has its own colorful and vibrant
salmon trout population in which locals hunt and serve in restaurants around the lake.

For those who like hiking it is better to remind there are wild animals that can be dangerous like brown bear, wolf, roe deer, jackal, wild boar, fox, lynx, badger, otter, marten, and the wild goat. The wild animals are under the government’s protection, and it is illegal to hunt them.

Forest Bear

How To Go

For those who will use air transportation and will land in the airport, there are many options like buses, taxis or renting cars. For those who will rent a car or will travel with their private vehicle E80, E70, and E95 highways and following signs will be enough. It supposes to take one hour and a half or more to reach Uzungol depending on traffic, weather, etc.

One also can use public transportation. There are local buses from central Trabzon to Uzungol. It usually costs about 15 to 20 Turkish Liras which makes 2-3 dollars.

Or you can sign on a tour and don’t have to worry about transportation at all. You can enroll online, or you can find a travel agency at the airport. But it is better to find a travel agency online and not leave it up to chance. Because in some full seasons, like summer, it is nearly impossible to find a last-minute tour.

What To Do In Uzungol

Uzungol is the most desirable place to get away from the crowded city and spend some time in mother nature. You can go there for a daily basis for a quick getaway, or you can turn it into a proper holiday.
You can take a long peaceful walk around the lake, or you can rent a bike or an ATV to tour around it or visit plateaus near. Also, you can go for hiking in that beautiful emerald forest. But make sure to gather information from locals about forests before the hike. It is better if you find a guide to help you in the woods. Also, don’t forget the wild animals mentioning in the first paragraphs.

If peaceful walks are not enough for you, you can always try paragliding. For those who will visit Uzungol in winter, you can try to heliski in that beautiful white mountains.

Uzungol winter

You can also visit places near. Like Haldizen, Karaster, and Sekersu plateaus. Haldizen Plateau is also known as the Demirkapi plateau. It is twenty-two kilometers away from Uzungol, and it takes fifty or so minutes to go there. Haldizen plateau is famous for its wildflowers and delightful smells of them. Karester Plateau is eleven kilometers away from Uzungol and only thirty minutes away. It is also one of the most suitable places for camping. Sekersu Plateau is one of the most beautiful plateaus in the region. It might be hard to reach in the winter but other for seasons it must be seen.



While you are in Turkey, Trabzon, try its delightful cuisine. Local tastes like pide, anchovy kusi, cornbread, muhlama, Laz pastry, Uzungöl halvah ve anchovy bulgur. For those who love seafood, salmon trout is absolute must be tried.

You can find all of this in any cafe or restaurant around. Try to eat outside instead of inside if you can. You will feel the difference in eating out in clear air.

Helpful reminder that most of this food is not vegan and not gluten-free. For those who follow a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diet, it might be hard to find food in local places. So make sure you find food for yourself in the central city.

Uzungol breakfast


Trabzon Uzungol, as a holiday destination intertwined with nature, takes its place among the alternatives including Spa Hotels, Pool Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Honeymoon Hotels, Holiday Villages, and Chalets. There are also wooden structures and charming bungalow houses that appeal to many ancient architectures. Prices of these hotels change within the seasons. In summer the costs can be two or three times more than winter costs. So when you are planning your holiday keep that on your mind. It is cheapest in winter, and it also has a beautiful snow view. But mind you, it can be freezing due to plateaus hight.

For those who want to the camp, the area is available for camping. There are even particular camping areas for those who like to be surrounded by nature. Of course, small fees are required for these places. Those who do not want to pay a charge on the way to the Karester Plateau can camp at a site it deems available.

Shopping in the local area can be expensive. You may need to take your shopping from a central Trabzon before you come to Uzungol. You can get your electricity and toilet needs from markets and cafes.

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