Walking Stick

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Traditional walking sticks, hiking sticks, and trekking poles are completely milled and formed from a wood blank. Theses handcrafted walking sticks (or canes) use traditional patterns for shape and function.All of our handmade wooden walking sticks are individually crafted from the finest woods including oak, hickory, and many other exotic and native trees. Each of our handcrafted walking sticks is made by our artisan craftsmen in Devrek, Zonguldak.Before each custom traditional walking stick is created, the raw wood blank is carefully inspected for hidden flaws that might affect the structural integrity of the handmade wooden walking stick’s shaft. Only the raw blanks that show the highest strength are chosen for use in our handcrafted walking sticks. After the structural inspection, the raw wood blank is shaped on a lathe or a sander depending on the style of the stick.Most of our traditional walking sticks have handles shaped directly from the wood blank; are slowly bent to take on a distinctive crook shape. Once shaped and sanded, the custom traditional stick is ready for the finish.Depending on the style of the stick, a clear or tinted finish is applied. The resulting finish highlights the natural beauty of the wood. Our handcrafted walking sticks come in various sizes that will fit young children to tall adults.We guarantee that you will enjoy our walking sticks for many years.