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Turkish coffee is a style of coffee prepared using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering.

What is special about it?
Turkish coffee starts distinguishing itself as soon as you grind your coffee. Turkish coffee is ground very finely, most finely of all coffee types. … To the coffee you add water and sugar (to taste). The addition of sugar to the coffee at this point, instead of afterward, is characteristic of Turkish coffee as well.

What is the difference with regular coffee?
Whereas instant coffee is made from dried coffee which is then rehydrated, Turkish coffee is made by using beans that have been ground up. Oddly enough, instant coffee actually contains no coffee beans. … Bold and high in caffeine, one small cup of this coffee can keep you alert and awake all day.

Is it stronger than espresso?
If we will talk about the taste, then yes, Turkish Coffee is stronger than espresso. On the other hand, the Espresso wins if we measure the strength with the caffeine content. Turkish Coffee and Espresso are both rich and flavorful, but they are different in so many ways.

What is the best brand of Turkish coffee?
Turkey’s most popular purveyor of Turkish coffee is Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, whose products can be found in every supermarket, or its flagship store in Eminönü, where coffee is ground fresh on a daily basis. Nuri Toplar – also in Eminönü and open since 1890 – is another excellent choice.

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