Menengic Coffee

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Menengic Coffee (Kurdish Coffee)

Menengic coffee (Kurdish coffee), also pistachio coffee, or terebinth coffee, is a traditional hot beverage in Turkish and Kurdish cuisine. It is made of ground roasted terebinth fruits (related to the pistachio) as the main ingredient and is naturally caffeine-free. It is particularly popular in parts of southeastern Anatolia.

Ground roasted terebinth fruits, milk, and sugar are its main ingredients in the traditional formula.

The History of Menengic Coffee

The beverage has been produced in areas including Diyarbakır, Adıyaman, Mardin, and Batman for over a hundred years. The roasted and ground berries have been exported to Europe and around the world since the early 20th century. In France, it was marketed as Chicorée au Kurde, “Kurdish chicory” or coffee substitute.

It is also considered a traditional specialty of Gaziantep.

In recent years, the processed berries in the form of an oily paste have appeared as a branded product in cans or jars.