Can Honey Be Used As Medicine?

Honey is one of the greatest gifts nature has ever given. Its taste and its numerous features make it indispensable. It can be used both as sweetener and medicine.

Honey is a strong antiseptic, has antibacterial properties. Thanks to this feature, it heals or protects many diseases. Therefore it can be used as medicine to heal minor diseases or to stay healthy. 

It is not known how many types of honey there are. It changes in every region due to flora and other geographic features. Here are some rare types of honey and what are they good for.

Thyme Flower Honey

Thyme herb is a nectar plant. The aroma, smell, and taste of it are quite beautiful. It grows naturally in high altitude plateaus, usually in rural areas.

Thyme flower honey is one of the types of flower honey. It is produced with the extract of pure thyme flowers. Thyme flower honey is thyme-scented and has a light golden yellow color. Tates bittersweet compared to other types of honey. 

Among the types of honey obtained from nature, thyme honey is one of the most featured. The known features of thyme honey are that it helps with cold and heals wounds. It is known to be good for the liver, stomach, asthma and eczema diseases. It also has benefits such as softening the chest and cleaning the lungs.

Thyme Flower Honey

Lavender Honey

Lavender honey is produced in a short time only when the lavender flower opens in June. To keep it pure it is taken from the hive as soon as the flowering season ends so other flower nectars are not allowed to mix with this honey.

Lavender honey offers an important solution for getting aged. Lavender honey, which is very important in preventing age spots on the skin. It can be used by massaging the skin to make the skin softer and preventing wrinkles.

Turkish Lavender Honey
Turkish Lavender Honey

Linden Flower Honey

Linden flower honey is a type of honey obtained from the flowers of lime trees with the arrival of spring months. Linden flower honey is more difficult to produce than other honey. Known features of the linden flower honey are:

  • It has the effect of reducing fear and anxiety.
  • It lowers blood pressure and is good for palpitations.
  • It provides the removal of toxins in the body.
  • It is very effective against indigestion and diarrhea.
  • It reduces depression caused by stress and has a relaxing effect.
Linden Flower Honey

Cedar Tree Honey

Cedar Tree Honey is a common product of the Basra beetle and the bees. Cedar honey, which has a spicy and resinous taste, is harvested in the cedar forests grown in the Mediterranean highlands. Cedar honey is unlikely to crystallize.

The Cedar Tree has a tonic effect. It is used in the treatment of irritability and has a calming feature. It is good for cough, bronchitis, inflammation of urinary tract, fatigue and weakness.

Cedar Tree Honey

These, of course, are not all types of honey or bee products. They’re not even quarter! There will be more information about bee products and features of them in the next entry. Until then stay healthy!

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