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Lake Tuz

Lake Tuz (Salt Lake) is the second largest lake in Turkey with its 1,665 km2 surface area and one of the largest hypersaline in the world.  Despite its huge area for most of the year is very shallow, especially during dry summer months when the water evaporates in huge quantities leaving a thick crust of salt on the surface up to 30 […]

The Eshab-ı Kehf Cave

Tarsus district of Mersin is a very old township. Archaeological excavations show that the history of the city dates back to 7000 BC. The district, which was the center of Cilician civilization, hosted many civilizations. Despite its historical importance from Byzantium to Rome, the city does not stand out with this aspect. Tarsus has an […]

Butterfly Valley, Turkey

Butterfly Valley, in Turkey, in the Faralya Village Fethiye, a spectacular natural wonder located between the high hills. The Valley was declared a first-degree natural protection area on February 8, 1995. Therefore, this astonishing place is closed to zoning and is still protected. The History of Butterfly Valley The history of Butterfly Valley dates back […]

Most Splendid Lake of Uzungol: A Travel Guide

Lake of Uzungol in Trabzon is one of nature’s most exceptional works. Uzungol charms everyone with its clear shimmering waters, the vast forest around it, clean air and precious habitat. It is a place that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. History And Location Uzungol located in Trabzon, twenty kilometers away from […]

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