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Turkish Baklava, also known as Fistikli Baklava or Pistachio Baklava, is a deliciously rich, buttery, sweet dessert made from phyllo dough, finely ground pistachios, butter, and a syrup made from sugar, water and lemon juice. That’s it!

Greek Baklava vs. Turkish Baklava

We don’t think anybody really knows where it was invented or who, really, can claim ownership over it. But we are sure that both countries have strong baklava traditions that even vary within the country from place to place.

Good baklava is sweet, but not cloying, and moist, but not soggy, regardless of where it’s from (although We do think that Turkish baklava is typically more wet than Greek baklava).

Is Baklava Arabic or Turkish?

The word baklava entered the English language in 1650, a borrowing from Ottoman Turkish. The name baklava is used in many languages with minor phonetic and spelling variations. In the Arab world Baqlawa/baklawa is used; whereas, the Greeks call it baklava.

Which country has the best baklava?

Gaziantep, located in southeast Turkey at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, is the pistachio capital of the country. Coincidentally, Gaziantep is home to some of the world’s the best baklava.


Which brand is the the best baklava brand?

There are many brands in Turkey but some of them are way better than other. Those brands such as Gulluoglu, Hacibaba, Hafiz Mustafa, Mado, Sultan of Bazaar and Yılmaz Kadayıf are making great baklava.

You can from them without hesitation.