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Sahlep is a type of beverage made from the ground tubers of the orchid plant, which are ground into a fine powder and mixed with milk and sugar to create a creamy, warm drink. It is a traditional drink in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East, and is known for its unique flavor and texture. Sahlep is typically served hot and is often enjoyed during the colder months as a way to warm up.

At Sultan of Bazaar, we offer a range of high-quality sahlep blends that are expertly crafted to provide a unique and flavorful experience. Our sahlep is made with a combination of ground orchid tubers, milk, and sugar, resulting in a creamy and satisfying drink that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a traditional sahlep blend or a more modern and creative flavor, we have something to suit your taste. All of our sahlep is carefully packaged to preserve freshness and quality, so you can enjoy the full flavor and aroma of each blend. Whether you are a seasoned sahlep drinker or new to this traditional beverage, our sahlep is sure to become a staple in your beverage rotation.

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