The History and Use of Olive Oil

The history of the olive tree, therefore the olive oil, goes 6000 years ago. It was started to be grown in Southeast Anatolia before writing was found. It spreads from here to Crete and ancient Greece, from there to the entire Mediterranean basin… In these regions, the olive oil became an important part of the culture.

Olive is a symbol of youth also. Maybe it is because of the periodicity in its flowering. The olive tree gives fruits one year and rests the other. Olive trees also stay green all year and they can live around 100 years. Some researchers say there are olive trees more than 300 years old!

The Story Of The Olive Tree

Athena and the olive tree

According to Greek mythology, the creation of the olive tree was the result of a contest between Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, and Poseidon, God of the Sea, as to who would become the protector of a newly built city. The city would then be named after the god or goddess who gave the citizens the most precious, useful and divine gift. With his trident, Poseidon struck a rock. Water rushed out of the rock, creating a spring of salty water, symbolizing his gift of sea power. Athena followed by producing the olive tree. The citizens chose the gift of Athena and she forever became the protector goddess of the city named after her, Athens. The story of her precious gift and the recognition of its value have been carried down through generations. Even today, an olive tree stands where the story of this legendary competition is said to have taken place. The myth continues as a “living legend” as it is said that all the olive trees in Athens were descended from that first olive tree offered by Athena.

Olive Oil As A Beauty Symbol

Rich in antioxidants, olive oil slows down the natural aging process of the human body. When used in cosmetic products and natural herbal treatment, it creates wonders by giving the skin a natural shine.

With the olive oil-based Aegean cuisine and sunny weather, all the time might be the secret of staying as a young-looking joyful person like all Aegean people.

Olive Oil Recipes

The feature of dishes with olive oil is that they are unique to Turkish cuisine. Therefore the best olive oils based dishes are Turkish dishes. Here are some tips to perfect your cooking:

  • Eating with olive oil means low fire, little water and mixing as little as possible.
  • The best solution for your olive oil dish not to darken and even to shine brightly is to lemon the vegetables or soak them in lemon water.
  • One of the features of olive oil dishes is the use of fruits and vegetables together. Like orange with pumpkin.
Olive oil in Turkish cuisine

If you’re interested in trying some Aegean cuisine in your kitchen you can buy pure olive oil from here

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