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As it is known in Anatolia for many years, the Assyrians’ baklava can make a kind of dessert is also included in the records. however, this dessert was made by sprinkling the dried fruits between two doughs and baking them in the oven.

Turkish Baklava

Turkish Baklava is Turkey’s most famous national dessert. If you are looking to the nearest place to find fresh and crispy Turkish baklava, you are in the right place. You can find a baklava shop almost at every corner in Turkey but all of them are local sellers. We are serving Turkey’s Best Qualified Baklava Online worldwide from Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

Order Turkish Baklava Online

We said before; if you are looking for a place to buy baklava online? or an online baklava store. We supply the best baklava from Turkey’s most popular Baklava manufacturersKarakoy Gulluoglu, Mado, Hafiz Mustafa, and many more are ready for your purchase. Both companies are more than 50 years old and known for their quality.

We are providing fresh baklavas from those brands and putting them in a durable metal box to keep it in perfect condition.

What is inside Turkish Baklava

The main baklava ingredients are Pistachio and Walnut and the special baklava contains only one of them but there are different varieties such as Turkish Pistachio BaklavaWalnut BaklavaPalace Baklava and if you want to keep it longer, there is Dry Baklava. The shape also changes, there are square baklava, round baklava, triangle baklava (muska), or Carrot Sliced Baklava.

So you can check different baklava types with different prices on