The Beautiful District Pamukkale

Pamukkale has been an intersection point of important cultures since ancient times and is famous for its healing hot springs. Also, this district, famous for its thermal waters containing calcium oxide, is one of the few natural areas in the world. The ancient city called Hierapolis, which is intertwined with Pamukkale, was named after Hiera, the wife of the king of Bergama, who founded the city.


Pamukkale; is a spa city with temples, bathhouses, necropolis, and an idyllic life center. When you go, you can wash in the travertines here and swim in mineral-rich waters. These spa waters are said to be good for heart, vascular stiffness, blood pressure, rheumatism, skin, eye, rickets, paralysis, nervous and vascular disorders. Pamukkale, which has been home to strong civilizations since the Hellenistic period, was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1988 because of its natural and cultural assets.

Travertines of Pamukkale

Of course, there are not only travertines here. Thanks to the mild climate of the region, you can paraglide over Pamukkale in any season.


This region is a good opportunity for you if you have never done paragliding. You can leave yourself against the view from the low hill of 70 meters. Besides, there are many places such as Kaklik, Çameli, and Honaz for non-amateur people, except Pamukkale. Honaz is a track with a height of 2 thousand meters, set up only for professionals. In Kaklik, you can stay in the air for up to 5 hours, depending on the wind, on a 300-meter high track.


For people who love alternative tourism, cycling trails, mountaineering, and caving activities, and trekking routes in Pamukkale and its surrounding area also waiting to be experienced.


In addition, for those who love hiking, it can be said that they will love the protection areas here. Mount Honaz, Babadağ, Beşparmak Mountain, and Kartal Lake Nature Reserve are suitable areas for hiking.

I love the spa part of Pamukkale but many experiences the paragliding and hiking and I heard lots of nice things. If you have time do not forget to give a try.


If you want a hiking route with high difficulty, we can recommend Karcı Mountain, Babadağ Highlands, Cankurtaran Pine, and Honaz Mountain, Çardak Çambaşı, Karagöl Pine Tree, Çivril Akdağ Nature Park.

Akdag Natural Park
Çivril Akdağ Nature Park

Skiing in Anatolia

If you came to Pamukkale in the winter months, you can go skiing to Bozdag. The mountain, which is 2 thousand 419 meters high, has the largest ski center in Western Anatolia. Apart from these, whenever you go, waterfalls, high mountains, lakes, national parks, and plateaus are the places you can go to.

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