Keeping Stores Safe

As all of the store owner’s we are not only caring our workers but also our customer. In these hard times we have to improve what we are doing to avoid getting new corona virus, Covid-19.

Turkey has managed the process really well by the help of its well-equipped health institutions. The curfew which is applied every weekend is effective.

Wash with soap for 10-20 seconds

Besides governmental protection; citizens are paying great attention to avoid spreading. People give Social distance, using masks, etc… We, as, are also taking lots of new rules which will be executed for a long time and want to recommend them to any business. The stores which are serving customers may use these techniques easily.

First of all, all the workers must follow these instructions and store owners/managers should check hygiene rules tin everything 30 minutes. We are always wearing our mask and not allowing work without.

We have limited the meetings from the first day and we are not doing any physical meeting right now.

Handshaking is forbidden. Instead of handshaking we are bending slighly.

Our building has three floors so we are not using elevators.

Do not use hand to touch switches

Doors are always open to prevent touching to door handles.

Our workers are not being at the same place with couriers. We are leaving the prepared packages in a room with the designated papers. Couriers are coming and picking the packages we are only talking them on phone.

Our workers are free to work from home. Not only if they are feeling sick but also if they feel unmotivated.

In addition to these, I’m praying every-night to keep my inner peace and says with the help of Allah, everything will be good insallah.

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