How To Serve Turkish Coffee?

Turkish Cofee is an inseparable part of the Turkish way to celebrate special occasions. We consume it after a long day to refresh when we meet with our close friends and in engagement ceremonies. You might be about to host a close friend soon or maybe just looking for a way to refresh yourself with a delicious drink if you do Turkish coffee is what you need!

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee

The most distinctive feature of Turkish coffee is that it is cooked in a coffeepot and served together with its grounds. In other coffee cultures, although coffee pulp is filtered after brewing, this is not the case with Turkish coffee. Even after being served, the coffee continues to brew in the cup. Also, the very small portions cause a strong coffee. For those who do not like coffee in this way, it was tried to sweeten it by mixing honey at first. In the next period, sugar replaced honey.

There is a correct way to brew, serve and drink Turkish coffee. You should handle all of these steps delicately or the experience would be incomplete.

How To Brew Turkish Coffe

First, add two teaspoons of Turkish coffee to the pot for each cup. Then put one cup of water for each cup of coffee. Mix them well after putting all these ingredients in and stir the coffee well over low heat. While its brewing share the foaming foam into the cups. Cook the remaining coffee for 6-7 minutes and then pour it into the cups.


It is important that you take coffee as fresh as possible. It is also important that the water you will use is drinking water. Chlorinated fountain waters will spoil your coffee. After taking the coffee to the stove, you should never mix it and wait for it to cook on its own.

coffee pot

It is also necessary to be careful when adding sugar. It is also important to cook coffee over low heat. Be careful when pouring coffee into cups. You should pour the coffee into the cups slowly and from the edge of the cup.

How To Serve It

You should serve your carefully cooked coffee to a special kind of cup. The cup must be ceramic and preferably carry certain patterns like shawl pattern. Last but not least you must serve it with Turkish delight or chocolate but Turkish delight is more suitable.

Turkish coffee cup
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