Backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world and its legacy is owned by many nations. The history of this game goes back to 3000 BC. It is known that the ancient Romans called Ludus Duodecim Scripture (12 line games) and played almost the same game as modern backgammon. Over time, different versions of the game have been derived in different societies. There is one remarkable emergence story among many options.

Elegant Large Backgammon - 2
Elegant Backgammon

Those days, the chess game was played very popularly in the Indian region. One day, the Indian king presented a chess set to the Persian king. There was also a note with the gift chessboard. In the note he wrote, “In life, who thinks more, who knows better, who sees further, wins. This is life. ”. Persian Shah, who received such an interesting gift, showed this message to his vizier, Büzür Merih, and asked him to examine the chess game thoroughly. After receiving detailed information about the game from the queen, the king asked his queen to invent a similar game as a gift against the Indian king. After a long effort, the vizier invented the game called backgammon. Later, this game was sent as a gift to the Indian king and added the following note. “Yes, who thinks more, who knows better, who sees more, he wins, but life is a bit of luck. This is real life. ”

Sultan Exclusive Backgammon - 3
Exclusive Backgammon

It is important to master the game, as there are around 4,500 moves in this game. However, since the dice symbolizes chance, the luck factor also makes itself felt. Some sources distinguish between “modern” and “traditional” backgammon. Modern backgammon is to play dice appropriate for federation standards such as dice thrown with a cup or 21-inch backgammon teams. This game became widespread in Turks in the Ottoman State in the 1400s. Backgammon was of great importance during the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Today, backgammon tradition continues in Turks. Master backgammon players in a game that is very common in Turkey use their last names from Persian into Turkish tradition in the form of dice combinations. As in all games, those who play this game have associations, competitions, and tournaments too.

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