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You may think that United States dominates the global snack market, but that’s not true at all.

Open your eyes to the vast and delicious world of Turkish snacks.

Turkish snacks are not junk foods like other snacks.  You can find Dried Apricots, Dried Fig, Date Fruit (Hurma), Dried Banana, Biscuit, Nuts, Corns and many more…

Consider Çokonat. A simple chocolate-covered wafer filled with hazelnut cream, this sweet and crunchy Turkish snack is a reminder of all the summers.

Enjoy Turkish snacks made by the brands like Eti, Ikbal, Tadim and Ülker. They are healthy, economical and halal.

You can also find Turkish snacks of Turkey’s top brands like Behramkale Assos, City Farm, Eti, Ikbal, Kahve Dünyası, Kuru Yesil, Malatya Pazari, Peyman, Tadım and Ülker in our online store.