Turkish Cologne

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The Traditional Turkish Cologne

The sweet-scented liquid kolonya is a staple in every Turkish household, usually smelling strongly of lemon and held in a decorative glass bottle. With many different scents from rose to lavender and from common supermarket brands to the more upscale bottles, kolonya is used mainly as a refresher and perfume (and sometimes as an antiseptic due to its alcohol content).

This traditional Turkish cologne can be used at any time of the day. A quick-cleanse to eliminate bacteria from casual contact with dirt or just splash some all over yourself after a shower or use it as an after shaver to give yourself a refreshing boost throughout the day.

Lemon Cologne

Turkish Lemon Cologne  also has an important place in Turkish culture. It starts with the traditional greeting of a guest when you get some of this pleasant Limon Kolonya poured into your hands; rub it in your hands and face.  The same ritual is also after eating. It is extremely rude to refuse the perfumed water on these occasions as who wouldn’t want to smell nice and fresh anyway?