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Turkish Rose Oil is coming from the Isparta region where is famous for its charming roses. If you are looking to buy Turkish rose products, here is the place. You can buy pure Turkish rose oil, Turkish rose essential oil from the

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History of Rose Products

Turkish Rose, which has a very special place in the daily life of people. Rose, also known as Rosa damascena is a flower that collects the expression of love, beauty, love, and respect in the most beautiful way.

According to the fossil records, the presence of the rose on earth has at least 35 million years of history. The place and importance of rose flower in human history are based on a multi-colored history of at least 5000 years.

The rose, which has reached other parts of the world by trade from its homeland, Central Asia, has been the subject of legends since ancient times due to its fragrance, medicinal value, and place in nutrition. It has become an indispensable flower for those who are after the fragrance. In fact, rose gardens were at least as important for Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans in ancient times as much as wheat fields and orchards.

Why Isparta Rose?

Oil rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) is located in the Rosaceae family. Rosa genus, from the Angiospermae (indoor seeds) subdivision of the Spermatophyta (seed plants) section of the plant kingdom. Approximately 1350 Rosa (rose) species have been identified in the world. In Turkey 24 rose flora species registered, although the type used to obtain oil rose is Rosa damascena Mill.

Rosa damascena; Isparta Rose, Pink Oil Rose, Oil Rose, Gum Rose, and Damascus Rose, also known as pink, half-layered and strong-smelling, perennial, thorny and high winter resistance plant.

Rosa damascena plants grow between 1.5-3 m. The trunk is cylindrical, full, brown, multi-branched, and the branches are surrounded by numerous large and small hard thorns. The leaves are soft and covered with thin hairs, alternating knees, stems, and stipula (auricle), 5-7 folio.

The folio (leaflet) is 3-4 cm long, oval-shaped, with a simple toothed edge and the bottom faces are hairy. The flowers are slightly drooping, more or less dark pink. In monochromatic flowers, the inner petals are smaller than the outer ones and are in the form seen in a plant in the form of a blooming bush.

Calyx (sepals) consists of 5 multi-piece sepals (sepals) longer than corollo (petals). The corolla is multi-petalled, the petals (crown) are oval-shaped, pale pink in color, and the bases are white-stained.

Benefits of Rose

Rose oil has come as a substance that is indispensable for women and then for women. In the treatment, the rose was used as a medicine in the world of traditional medicine. Rose, which is processed as rose water, rose paste and rose oil, writes in traditional medicine books, in which it is useful to help treat diseases such as headache, fever, fainting, stomach pain, and eye bleeding.

Gülbirlik: Oil rose (Rose Damescana) and rose oil production has been carried out in the Isparta region for more than 100 years. With this feature, Isparta is called “Land of Roses”. Evaluating the rose product of Isparta in the best way with the support and assistance of the state, Gülbirlik was established in 1954.

Gülbirlik currently has 6 unit cooperatives, 8000 producer partners, 7 units of rose oil plants, and 1 unit of rose confetti facilities installed in 5 different locations.

Turkey’s and the world’s largest producer and exporter organizations in this field. Gülbirlik brings economic and social well-being to our country with its foreign currency input, which has been consistently provided for more than 45 years, and to the local people by evaluating the product of the producer.

Gülbirlik, which still meets the rose oil and rose confetti needs of the leading companies of the world perfume and cosmetics industry, maintains and develops its position in this field. In addition, Gülbirlik started producing cosmetics at the beginning of 1998.

Most Wanted Turkish Rose Products

Rose Essential Oil: Rose oil, one of the most important and expensive raw materials of the perfume and cosmetics industry, is produced by boiling pink oil roses by the steam distillation method. Rose oil, which is in compliance with world standards. It is obtained from roses grown in Isparta and its region, located at an altitude of 1050 meters and more.

Roses, which are collected every year in May and June, ensure the production of superior quality rose oil as a result of the contribution of weather conditions.

Rose Oil: It is a solid rose oil in the form of a dark cherry rotten color with the cream consistency. It is obtained by processing extremely fresh pink roses that have not undergone fermentation and have not spoiled its color and unique structure. It is used in absolute production, one of the raw materials of the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Rose Water: It is rose-scented natural water obtained as a result of mixing the oily water (yeast). It is obtained during the production of rose oil with pure clean and hot water. Naturally produced rose water is filtered several times, filled in bottles and packaged, and offered for sale.

It is used as a flavor in some foodstuffs and desserts. Due to the naturalness of the rose water and does not contain harmful substances. It is used for body and make-up cleaning due to its nourishing and tightening properties of the skin.

Cosmetics: Hand and skin cream, hand and body lotion, shampoos for different hair types are produced with formulations equivalent to the best quality products in the country. The products are put on the market after being subjected to quality and health checks in modern quality control laboratories. The range of products produced at the factories is intended to be further expanded in the near future.