Shredded Wheat Dessert

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Unbearable Taste of Dessert

Turkish Shredded Wheat Dessert was first produced by Armenians in the eastern regions of the country in the late 19th century and spread throughout the country over the years. Tourists have a great interest in this dessert. Because of this, it is exhibited in the showcase of the confectioners in Beyoğlu street, but its origin is Diyarbakır, which is in the southeast of the country. Especially the desserts made by the masters from Diyarbakır and Bingöl have a much richer aroma than the others.

This unbearable taste of Shredded Wheat Dessert, displayed in stacked in pastry shops, will surely catch your eye while you are walking the streets of Istanbul.
The Turkish Shredded Wheat Dessert with the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Ground walnuts are mixed with wheat cereal and butter and later soaked in syrup to create a soft and sweet treat.