Evil Eye

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What is the evil eye? and why use it?

The figure of the evil eye bead “nazar boncuğu”, in which the belief that it protects man from the evil eye is common, is also seen in Buddhist and Hindu societies besides the Muslim, Jewish and Christian societies.

Throughout history, in many cultures and religious beliefs, the eye figure has been considered a powerful talisman that repels evil. Therefore, evil eye beads are also generally in the form of eyes. Since the eye, which is the window of the person opening to the world, is accepted as the first starting point of all kinds of good and bad thoughts, blue stones, which are believed to have absorbent properties in order to protect from eyes and bad eyes, are the evil eye beads of today.

Evil Eye Brings Good Luck

In addition to belief, tradition, many people use the evil eye bead very often as ornaments and it is said to bring good luck as lead is poured into the evil eye bead. Each glass bead in blue does not remove evil according to the old folk belief.