Silver Earring

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Silver Earrings for Women

Since ancient times, jewelry has been the one thing that has caught the attention of everyone.

Even though one might not like to doll up regularly, earrings are hard to resist. Those trinkets adorning our ears speak volumes. History states various reasons behind wearing earrings. While some wore it as a status symbol, others wore it to prevent bad omen. Earrings are also one of the 16 pieces of the adornments of an Indian bride, thus, signifying the marital status of a woman.

Looking back at the medieval times, earrings were a trending affair that men and women both embraced with open arms. Though men preferred simpler designs in metal earrings, women welcomed all sizes and patterns. Precious gems were religiously used in earrings and found their place in the boxes of the regal families. Emerald earrings and ruby studded earrings were common amongst the princely houses.

It can be said that the fashion in those times strictly adhered to precious stones and metals with beautiful dangler earrings and oodles of elegant designs to carve out the beauty of a woman.

With a course of time, people sought out for imitation jewelry which added the same charm to a woman’s attire and was pocket-friendly. In the times which we fondly refer to as retro, gold-toned earrings were most loved and large hoop earrings were the ultimate favorites of every woman.

As we set our foot into the modern world, numerous designs have been introduced and classified on the basis of various occasions. Trendy party wear earrings incorporated motifs, drop-shaped earrings studded with diamonds. Besides this, oxidized earrings with traditional designs caught the eyes of everyone, and more and more women craved for the tribal shaped earrings.

Today, millions of women have their own unique taste and choices which often make the process of physically selecting and buying the perfect jewel tough. This is where we step in, where every choice, every woman, and every mood is catered with a plethora of designs to choose from.

From sassy to chic, simple and sober to uptown edgy, we have it all.

Not only collections, but you can choose your favorite bauble based on the design you love the most. We present you myriad of patterns including hoop earrings, handballs, statement earrings, bridal jewelry, dangler earrings and not to forget earrings studded with precious and semi-precious stones. Each and every jewel has been exquisitely crafted according to the occasion. Sterling silver earrings are must-haves in your collection and diamond stud earrings work are essentials for every woman. We bet you can’t say no to these.

If your someone who is fierce and bold says hello to ear cuffs. Gold-toned ear cuffs with gorgeous dangling chains are enough to make a statement. Not only the gorgeous collections but the services provided by sultan of bazaar will make you want more and more of it.