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Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaners

Disinfecting your home with natural, non-toxic cleaners may sound like an overwhelming task, but it’s actually surprisingly simple. In fact, the majority of naturally antibacterial disinfectants can be found right in your kitchen and at a fraction of the cost of those harsh chemical cleaners.

Natural disinfectants are not only better for your health but are safer for children, animals, and the environment. Keep your home spick-and-span with these hardworking ingredients found right in your pantry.

Turkey’s unique hand-sanitizing method

For hundreds of years, this Ottoman-era cologne has been synonymous with Turkish hospitality. Now, it’s being used to fight coronavirus.

Since Turkey’s first confirmed coronavirus case in mid-March, kolonya sales have increased by at least fivefold

In addition to its hygienic qualities, kolonya is also believed to have other health benefits. Sprinkling a few drops of it onto a sugar cube is said to aid digestion, and rubbing it onto your temples can relieve a headache.

Even before the coronavirus, the kolonya industry was still growing. Traditionally, the fragrance has been sold at chemists, grocery stores, and shops, but in the last decade, top Turkish brands began opening their own brick-and-mortar boutiques.

You can also buy different types of kolonya in our store.