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Turkish Bee Products

Turkish Honey and Bee Products are world-famous. Because of its nature and herbs all around the country. You can find natural varieties of honey with indigenous characteristics in almost every region of Turkey.

Bee products are considered one of the most useful foods consumed for thousands of years.

Due to the diversity of vegetation that Turkey obtained the most valuable honey beekeeping, it is one of the most important centers. The flavors and nutritional values ​​of honey differ according to the nectar of the flower from which honey is obtained.

There are many types of honey such as chestnut honeylime honeypine honeyflower honeyAnzer honey, mad honey, karakovan honey, acacia, thyme honeylavender honeycomb and billet that appeal to different palate tastes. The quality of the honey is classified according to the color, taste, smell, and chemical properties of the nectar where honey is produced.

Our Bee Products

At our store, you can find a wide selection of products that perfectly complement your organic lifestyle or make an excellent present for an environmentally-conscious friend, including:

Raw Honey

We use pesticide-free meadows and forests located in Turkey to get 100% organic, raw, eco-friendly honey. Our harvesting process is ethical and sustainable.

Bee Bread

Bee Bread is a full-on superfood jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, protein, and amino acids. Use it for a natural energy boost!

Beeswax Candles

Most store-bought candles are full of harmful ingredients and artificial flavors. Beeswax candles are completely natural. They don’t drip, don’t produce chemical fumes, and help purify the air.