Turkish Coffee

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The Tradition of Coffee

The tradition of drinking Turkish coffee is a symbol of hospitality, friendship, kindness, and entertainment. The importance of drinking coffee, among the Turks has stated in the proverb ‘A cup of coffee has forty years sake’. According to a rumor, the story of this promise starts when a coffee seller from Uskudar(Istanbul) offers coffee to the Greek ship captain. 40 years have passed and the coffee seller from Uskudar is captured in the battle. The Greek captain, who knows the coffee seller, does not forget the man who offered him coffee 40 years ago and helps him to release. Thus, the word ‘A cup of coffee has forty years sake’ is widely used among the Turks and finds its place as a proverb.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee refers to a method of brewing very finely ground coffee. Any coffee bean may be used; arabica varieties are considered best.

If you are looking for something sweet besides Turkish coffee please check different types of Turkish Delight and coffee snacks.

Turkish coffee is made by bringing very finely ground coffee beans with water and usually sugar to the boil in a special pot called a cezve. As soon as the mixture begins to froth, and before it boils over, about one-third of the coffee is distributed to individual cups; the remaining amount is returned to the fire and distributed to the cups as soon as it starts to boil.

The coffee is traditionally served in a special type of small porcelain cup called a coffee set.

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