Fruit Tea

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Fruit Tea

One of the most important inventions which effect directly to Fruit Tea belongs to tea bags. For the first time, the patent rights of tea bags, A.V. Smith received it, but the unknownness of it is a reflection of the failure of his invention, probably because the British could not give up the traditional way of brewing tea.

About eight years later, in 1904, when tea and coffee merchant Thomas Sullivan began delivering tea samples in silk envelopes instead of cans, his customers discovered that tea could be brewed in these bags. Still, it took 15 more years for Joseph Krieger to launch the bag-ready tea after 15 years. Initially, only tea companies used sachet tea, but by the 1930s, most tea bags were purchased for home drinking in the US, replacing the egg-shaped perforated metal tea brewing strainers in the homes.

For centuries people from all around the world, brew different types of fruit tea for recovering injuries, health problems, energy. Today, because of the multi environmental conditions of the Anatolia Turkey is one of the market leaders of the fruit tea.

Best Quality and Fresh

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There are many different types of Fruit Tea products. Some are granulated such as Hazer Baba Tea, some are in bags such as Dogadan Tea and Atom Tea. In addition to these, there are quality dried apple tea, powder fruit tea, powder pomegranate tea products that are brought to you from Grand Bazaar Istanbul.