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The tea has a history of 5000 years but entered Turkish life lately. In addition to drinking throughout the day, our unique brewing, fine glass cups, and additions to our culture cannot be ignored.

The first one is the skillful and beautiful analysis of the condition that the teapot should be hot, one of the indispensable rules of brewing a good product. Turkeys Northeast where is the coast of the Blacksea fulled with tea fields. There are different types of leaves and harvesting different times and anybody can feel the magical smell while you were hiking inside the fields.

The spread of tea drinking in Anatolia has been in the 19th century. Turkish tea is an important part of the country’s cuisine and is the most commonly consumed hot drink, despite the country’s long history of coffee consumption. Turkey is producing 210,000 tonnes (7% of the world’s total production) each year with 120,000 tons of consumption.

In 2010 Turkey had the highest per capita consumption in the world at 2.7 kg. As of 2013, the per-capita consumption of Turkish tea exceeds 10 cups per day and 13.8 kg per year. Tea is grown mostly in Rize Province on the Black Sea coast. With this consumption rate, we know which one is the best and choosing the best ones for you from Rize, Turkey.