We are trying to serve the Turkish Cuisine and Culture all over the world. Turkish Cuisine has a worldwide reputation and of course, baklava, jam, honey, mesir paste (maccun), Turkish epimedium, nuts, fruits and spices are the most loved ones.

We’re providing the best Turkish delights such as Baklava, Lokum, Halva, Honey, Mesir Paste, and drinks such as Turkish Coffee, Black Tea, Fruit Tea, Apple Tea, Form Tea, and food like Nuts and Dried Fruits, Sujuk, Pastrami, Cheese. Besides Turkish Food we are selling Traditional and Authentic products like Hammam Soaps, Pesvhtemals, Oils, Lamps, Chandeliers etc… All products are made in Turkey and from well-known local makers in Istanbul, Gaziantep, Rize, Kayseri, Hatay, Mardin, Kars, and other cities. All of these makers have great fame in their hometowns and world-wide reputation. All brands have more than fifty years of experience.