Original Turkish Anzer Honey from Anzer Plateau

A variety of endemic-type flowers exist in Anzer plateau (aka Ballıköy plateau). This upland is located in the southeast of Rize, one of the major cities in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The Anzer honey, famous for its curative powers, is produced there. Anzer Honey is the best honey you can taste in your life. If you want to learn why it’s so special let’s discover the plateau first.

Anzer Plateau is located 35 km south-west of Ikizdere district of Rize. It is named Ballikoy with the name of Anzer and it is 90 km away from the city center of Rize. Anzer Plateau was declared a tourism center by the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1988 and hosts peaks exceeding 3100 meters and small glacial lakes within these peaks.

Etymology of Anzer

Formerly known as Dipotamos and Kuray-ı Sab, İkizdere means “twin streams” in both the Pontic Greek and Turkish languages, and indeed the Çamlık and Cimil Rivers meet here to form the İkizdere.


There are four ethnic groups in the district: Greeks, Turks, Laz, and Hemshin. The non-Turkic natives converted into Islam during the Ottoman period, and during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the natives stayed in the area.


This is hilly countryside inland from the Black Sea, forest-covered steep mountainside separated by narrow valleys, with areas of high pasture. The İkizdere is formed from streams running out of the Rize Mountains and continues down to the Black Sea, it is dammed for hydro-electric power and for irrigation. There is snow on the high peaks and lots of glacial formation. The climate is typical of the Black Sea region i.e. it rains all the time. There is broad-leaf forest at lower elevations and pine higher up.

Beekeeping is an important source of income, particularly in the village of Anzer. And this very attractive countryside for tourists, on trekking holidays. However, on the whole, İkizdere is not a wealthy region and the younger generations migrate to Turkey’s larger cities in search of jobs.

How to Reach?

The best way to reach Anzer is by car. It will be a long and hard way. The road has loots of twists and not completed by 2020 and you will see the half of it is dirt road.

Roads to Anzer
The road will go up for more than one hour
The view is amazing

The road will tire you and stoping is not an option. Amazing plateau of Anger will be your reward and it’s worth it.

A close point

The forest will be cut off suddenly and you will see the Village Çiçekli first.

the Village Çiçekli

You can get off your car and enjoy Village Çiçekli. It’s near Anzer, you will reach your destination after 4 kilometers. You will see a small hotel at the very center of the village. The view is amazing but wait for Balliköy. You will see the power of nature in there.

If you filled your batteries head to Balliköy. Some wooden houses will welcome you in Village Balliköy.

Wooden house

I recommend you to stay at least one night to refresh your body. The nature is beautiful.

Accommodation and Places in Anzer

Infrastructure services have been completed in the village center. Grocery store, post office, butcher, coffee shops and restaurants are in service.

The road to Anzer opens in April and the plateau is closed to access from snow in winter. Village life continues until winter prevents further transportation in the autumn.

We recommend you to drink the spring water of Anzer and the healing water known as Red Water between the village center and the Kosmer Plateau.

Beehives in Azner

Villagers are placing beehives in their own gardens.

You might thing that the putting hives close to their homes is a good way to stop thieves but it’s not an adequate precaution when it’s a bear.

You will see incredible solutions and surprise to see some hives are located on sharp rocks.

Beehives in different spots

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