Turkish Raki

Raki is a type of alcohol used in the production of suma and aniseed seeds. Also, raki is a culture that has come from the Ottoman Empire to the present day. Produced by distillation and aniseed, raki is known as our national drink for centuries. Experts say that it is a very useful alcoholic beverage for health when consumed correctly. According to research done by scientists, raki is a very effective drink in the treatment of many diseases such as heart palpitations, stomach indigestion problems, shortness of breath, and cough.

What are the benefits of the aniseed plant?

Anise is appetizing, has a sharp taste, so people are preferring to use it in meals. It is a gas remover, facilitates digestion. Aniseed plant protects and repairs cells that help the control body fluids, heart rhythm, and blood pressure with its rich amount of potassium. Raki prevents bloating and provides a definitive solution to indigestion. It also has a calming effect. It calms nervous breakdowns, excessive reactions, and contractions. Also, raki regulates blood circulation. It is one of the effective solutions against skin spots. It has a libido enhancing feature for both women and men. With its antibacterial feature, it fights against conditions such as bad smell and inflammation of the mouth. It is antiseptic, thereby preventing infections and germs. It also provides fast healing of wounds.


Also, Suma is alcohol obtained by distilling grape and fig juice. Grapes are generally preferred for their construction because fig sum is insignificant in terms of quality and quantity.

You can reduce your migraine pain and eliminate diarrhea and vomiting problems by drinking 1 or 2 glasses of raki. People also drink raki to increase appetite. They also drink for degassing purposes. It has many more benefits, but if consumed too much, it has negative effects.

* https://www.kapsamhaber.com/saglik/rakinin-faydalari-ve-zararlari-h40869.html

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