Balıklıgöl, located in the southwest of Şanlıurfa city center and known as the place where the Prophet Abraham fell when he was thrown into the fire, this lake is one of the most visited places in Şanlıurfa with its sacred fish and historical monuments around them.

History of the Balıklıgöl

According to the rumor, Prophet Ibrahim was secretly born in the cave by his mother Zeliha after Nemrut passed and killed the boys. Also, he was sometimes fed and raised by his mother, sometimes by the gazelles. The Prophet Ibrahim, who will bring the belief of the only god and have the Kaaba built, struggles with the cruel ruler of the time, Nemrut and the pagans. It breaks the idols and calls on the people to believe in one god.

Despite this revolt, Nemrut wants to burn the Prophet Abraham in a large pile of wood. As soon as the Prophet Abraham fell on the fire, a clear lake appears in the place of the fire. Burning wood turns into fish. People are called the lake Halil-ur Rahman Lake. The lake next to it consists of Ayn-Zeliha, the tears of Zeliha, the adoption of Nemrut. The Prophet Ibrahim defeated Nemrut and he settled in Harran, with his brother’s son, Lut.


Kalirrhoe or Güzelpınar as it is known today. The bountiful and fertile water boiling on the plain at the bottom of the castle slope has been considered sacred throughout history. It is a place that evokes peace and awe with its religious buildings around it even today. Balıklıgöl is considered sacred with the fish that have lived in it for centuries. No one touches the fish, and it is considered a reward to feed them.

Rızvaniye Mosque, which is shaded by centuries-old plane trees and decorates the lake edge like lace, is an Ottoman work; Halil Ibrahim Mosque at the southeast end of the lake is an Eyyubi work. The lodge adjacent to this mosque was once the place of the Church of Mary, where Mandylion had been hiding for centuries.

Makam-ı Ibrahim and Mevlid-i Ibrahim Mosque, which is narrated as the cave where the Prophet Abraham was born, is located in the southwest of the park. It is believed to be the place where the Prophet Abraham was born and was breastfed by the gazelles. This place used to be a church.


Overlooking the city from a steep hill, the most prominent element of the castle, just above the lake, are two giant columns, called Corinthian. According to the popular belief, these columns are the feet of the catapult that Nemrut founded. If the Syriac inscription on the columns is visible, the monument was erected in honor of Shalmat, the wife of the King of Urfa, Abgar (172-212).

Few parts of the castle, dating back to the 3rd century BC or earlier, have survived. Still, this is the view terrace where Urfa will be watched most beautifully.

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