Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is by far one of the most representative tourist attractions in entire Turkey and not just Istanbul. Just like the name suggests, it is located in the Galata quarter of Istanbul, which is easily accessible. Once you are around it, you simply cannot miss it. The Galata tower was built hundreds of years ago and is a medieval building. Also, this tower built entirely of stone.

The Galata Tower is located close to the main junction of Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. When you get in the area, an open view will make the tower quite visible. There are signs everywhere too. The tower is not just high, but it also has a cone cap. It dominates the local skyline from pretty much any direction you look at it.

Galata Tower

It measures just less than 220 feet in height, hence its visibility from miles away. When it was built, it represented the tallest structure in Istanbul. It was designed with military purposes, so walls are over 12 feet in thickness. This tower is not itself extraordinary but holds the witness of other extraordinary events. This tower appears almost in the heart of the city which makes it the center of tourist attraction.

Every day hundreds and thousands and people visit this tower. You can have a panoramic 360-degree view of the whole city from the roof of the tower. People see Galata Tower as the symbol of the city and they also use it for some organizational work. This Tower faced many disasters and calamities but didn’t get destroyed.

Galata Tower

For centuries this Galata Tower has been standing as the witness of events. Previously, this tower was used as a lighthouse and prison. It is now a tourist destination visited by many tourists. People once knew the Galata Tower as a holy place. So, as day by day, these places accommodation changed so the appearance. In the phrase of time because of different calamities, it has been gone through several renovations. Some are outer some are inner. But of all renovation what gave this Tower a more extraordinary look is its amazing lighting at night. By the grace of amazing designers, the Galata Tower has got amazing lighting.

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