History of The Cane

Throughout the historical process, different types of canes have become the symbol of the status of different cultures, both between daily needs and within social norms.

A luxury symbol in the history

In ancient Egypt, the canes that were banned to slaves, only free people were allowed to carry, were between 90 cm and 180 cm as a caste indicator, and while preparing from an ebony tree brought from Upper Egypt, the lotus flower symbolizing the long life was carved into the stem.

The use of a cane is born out of necessity and necessity. Any use that started as a stick tended to be selective over time, and both light and hardwoods were selected for its construction.

Support for walk

While the cane functions as a support for travelers to walk, it has been part of their job for shepherds, one of the most important professions of the time. It would also be a deterrent for thieves, as the shepherd used to guide animals to walk in a certain direction.

Walking Cane

In ancient Greece, mythological heroes, sacred beings, and noble people were often depicted with a cane, wand, or an accessory they held in their hands. Here, of course, it is necessary to distinguish between cane types and hand-held wand. One has to think of the other as an accessory that helps to walk, and the other as an accessory for status, weapons, protection, and certain daily tasks.

The materials used between these two were also different. While making hard-rare additions such as ivory and whalebone, mostly on ebony wood, wands are usually made by weaving from light but durable pieces such as reeds grown in bamboo, rattan or wetlands.

It is time, the handmade walking cane, which is among the gifts of kings, heads of state, emperors and nobles. Walking sticks selected from rare trees, adorned with precious stones and made by the most famous masters of the era, were not only a part of daily life but also a presence show in terms of value.

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