Mastering Silver: The Telkari Art

Telkari, the art of Mardin and Beypazari, is famous jewelry and it is a popular trend for locals and tourists who visit Turkey.

The designs and styles of Telkari art are different from jewelry sold on the Western coast of Turkey, which is normally sourced from the big city of Istanbul.

What is Telkari?

Telkari is an art and an age-old tradition. Extremely thin wires of gold or silver are fused together to form jewellery or similar items. Precious stones or small silver balls are also added.

The most popular item is a bracelet and a ring combined so the outer part of the hand is covered in a mesh of braiding.

The nearest known equivalent to Telkari is Filigree and it is not purely a Turkish tradition but rather Middle Eastern and Asian. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see a Telkari master at work.

Making Telkari is not for people with clumsy hands or bad vision. Lots of patience and good eyesight are needed. The Telkari masters have generally learned the trade from their father who learned it from his grandparents and so on.

Today the tradition of Telkari is in danger. Because the new generation doesn’t have any interest in this beautiful art. The prices increased with the danger of dying out. It makes it a collector’s item instead.

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