Hot Spring

The hot springs are baths built on hot, healing waters that boil underground to the earth. The hot spring, which is considered as health tourism today, contains mineralized thermal waters and muds contained in these waters; it is a curing application that is used with bath, drinking, and respiratory tract and then combined with various treatments.

In general, the spring and autumn months are the most intense periods of health tourism in our country. This depends a bit on the discomfort that the person wants to find healing. For example, it is stated that the most suitable spa period for rheumatism, neuralgia, and diabetes is summer months. It is stated that the spring and autumn months are suitable for the stomach, intestine, liver and nervous diseases. If you want to have a hot spring holiday twice a year, you can choose May and September.

Hot Spring

Health Benefits of Hot Spring

The spas, which are recommended by doctors in the treatment of many diseases, are a source of healing. Of course, which spa is good for which disease may differ in each region. However, in general, hot springs; It is stated that it is good for rheumatic pain, orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, respiratory system diseases, skin diseases, heart and circulatory system diseases, metabolism, intestinal and stomach diseases, urinary tract, and kidney diseases. It also runs the liver comfortably, allows wounds to close quickly, removes uric acid from the body, strengthens the heart, multiplies white blood cells, dilates veins, and strengthens nerves.

Hot Spring

The spa is a holiday where everyone can be healthy and peaceful. You do not need to have a specific discomfort in order to have a holiday in a thermal facility, you can also have a spa vacation to rest and rest. However, for people who have some illnesses, spa applications are said to be inconvenient. The spa is not recommended in the first 3 months of pregnancy. However; Spa treatments are not recommended for those with high fever, severe anemia, cancer, severe heart disease, high blood pressure patients, those with open wounds, those with excess weight problems and those with epilepsy. Also, before going to the hot spring holiday, you should investigate how and what features the source waters in the region you will go to, which diseases are healing and make your choice accordingly. Climate conditions should be taken into consideration and plant properties should be taken into consideration.


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