Hair Loss

Hair loss, which occurs with stress, malnutrition or genetic factors, is one of the hair problems experienced by people of all ages and genders. Also, hair loss, which negatively affects people, has started to increase especially in recent years. This loss may not only disrupt general aesthetics but may also be the first sign of a disease that threatens general health. Many different causes can speed hair loss in men and women.

Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Using poor quality shampoo and conditioner: Shampoos that are purchased and used as cheap are among the main reasons for hair loss in women. At the same time, applying the creams to the bottom of the hair instead of the hair and keeping them in that area for a long time increases this risk factor.

Hormonal causes: Hair loss may occur in special periods where hormonal changes occur, especially in the period. Hair problems appear to a greater extent in women with irregular menstrual calendars.

Stress and anxiety: Many studies have proven that women tend to be more anxious than men. However, the damage in the field of psychology can physically cause many symptoms. The hair of women who feel excessive anxiety and under stress shed the same amount from each region.

Menopause: Apart from weakness and irritability symptoms, hair loss is also observed during the menopause period when ovulation ends. The more severe the period in question is, the more intense the current symptoms will be.

Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Iron deficiency: It is probable that the hair will be shed periodically in men who eat mainly meat rather than vegetables. Iron, especially in vegetables such as spinach, artichoke, and leek, is ideal for protecting hair health. Attention should be paid to diet based on vegetables and should be taken from vitamins B1 and B12.

Causes related to old age: Hair loss may start in men over 40 due to aging reasons. Especially the hair loss in the hair area called “hill” can be very sudden.

Genetic factors: All of the genetic factors are critical for hair health. The rate of occurrence is much higher in people who have hair loss problems in their families or close relatives.


What can you do against hair loss?

Meet your protein needs with nutrients. Try to supply your protein needs that nourish the hair follicles and make the hair grow from beans, lentils, eggs, lean yogurt, and cheese.

For zinc, consume 6 tablespoons of legume. Zinc has an important function to stimulate the hair roots and regulate the metabolism of the cells in that area. He states that 1 serving (6 tablespoons of anhydrous) legumes, 150 g of red meat/fish or 1 handful of almonds/peanuts will be enough to meet the amount of zinc required for your hair.

2 bowls of yogurt are very important every day. You shouldn’t forget to consume 2 slices of cheese or 2 glasses of milk or 2 bowls of yogurt every day. For example, 2 bowls of medium size yogurt that you will consume regularly will be an important source of protein and calcium for your hair.

Protect your hair follicles with 1 carrot. One carrot that you will consume daily protects the hair follicles and scalp, provides hair growth, shine, and durability.


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