What is Halva and Where To Buy It Online?

What is halva?

It’s a traditional sweet, which is popular in Turkey. It originated in the Middle East and later spread out to the Balkan peninsula, North Africa and even India. Nowadays halva is much-appreciated dessert in almost half of Europe (if you add on Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and a big part of Russia to the Balkan states). Nevertheless, the Middle East still offers the biggest variety of halva. But this sweet is more and more on-demand in other countries, notably the UK and the US, because of the great beneficial properties.

Koska-Baked Halva
Koska-Baked Halva

In ancient times halva was made from dates and milk or sesame seeds and honey. As the time passed, more variations of it were invented, more ingredients were tried, multiple ways of production were used. These days in different countries you may find a lot of quite similar and diverse kinds of halva. But in fact, there are two main types of halva: flour-based and nut-based.

Koska-Plain Halva
Koska-Plain Halva

The most common to Europeans is the one made from crushed sesame or sunflower seeds, sugar syrup and flavors. Very often the extra ingredients like nuts, cocoa, dried fruits or even chocolate are added to it. Halva is a little bit varied in every country. So there‘s much to explore if you like this sweet.

You may also call it the oldest food supplement in the world, as halva contains a lot of essential minerals, fatty acids, dietary fiber, proteins, amino acids, and other useful elements. But stay sane and reasonably indulge this dessert because of the high sugar content. Up to 30 g of halva should be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Koska-Halva with Cacao
Koska-Halva with Cacao

Buy Halva!

Buying halva online is very easy nowadays. You can see our fresh and delicious products from here.

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