Coronavirus control for tradesmen in the Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Health teams, the historical Grand Bazaar trades passed health check. The teams, who traveled in the Grand Bazaar with their special clothes, asked the shopkeepers if they had any discomfort. It was stated in the tests that the suspect tradesmen will be directed to the hospitals.

Medical teams, who traveled in Istanbul Grand Bazaar with their special clothes, asked the shopkeepers if there were any signs of discomfort.

Health teams are working in the Grand Bazaar

On the other hand, following the circular sent to the governorships within the scope of coronavirus measures taken by the Ministry of Interior, it was observed that cafeterias and hookah cafes in Taksim were closed and the density of people on the street decreased.

As a result of the evaluation made by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health within the scope of Corona Virus Fighting, it was decided to temporarily close the places that operate as Public Rest and Entertainment Places.

In line with this decision, cafes and hookahs operating in Taksim and Istiklal Avenue were closed in cafes.

Cafes are closed for 2 weeks to stop the spreading of the virus

It was seen that the places preferred by local and foreign tourists remained empty. It was noteworthy that a citizen who had the opportunity to decrease the density of people used scooters on Istiklal Street.

We hope this situation will be corrected in a short time and life will continue to flow. Although it is difficult to leave the house, we are at your service as always. You can always buy your needs from

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