Herbal Oils

Herbal oils are generally used for the skin and all oil has a different benefit, of course. Some oils are moisturizing your skin and others smooth the skin. Also, you can use herbal oils for your hair too. Because they are natural, they have no bad thing inside them.

Jojoba Oil

The benefit of Jojoba oil, one of the bush-type plants grown in the desert, is mostly known. It is generally recommended to massage your skin and hair. Jojoba oil is used for care against the problem of acne-prone skin. Moreover, jojoba oil moisturizes your hair. It helps to give vitality and softness to the hair.

Jojoba Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has an important role in Herbal Oils. It can be used for several purposes, including keeping skin, nails, and hair healthy. Tea tree oil is an ideal natural hand sanitizer. Studies have shown that it kills several common bacteria and viruses that cause the disease. Moreover, it is antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes. The most important benefit is that fight against acne. If you use it to your skin regularly, you can see the difference. Also, you can get rid of nail fungus. Tea tree oil has been shown to help get rid of nail fungus when used alone or in combination with other natural remedies.

Tea Tree Oil

Black Seed Oil

With the benefits of black seed oil, it makes people who are interested in alternative medicine and herbal oil smile. The benefits of black seed oil, a cure for many diseases, are too long to count. It is harmful when over consumed as much as it is useful. Black seed oil is unique for nausea and stomach pain. It also protects the heart, protects the body against cancer, improves sinusitis, prevents premature whitening of the hair, relieves nervous, stress, depression, and tension helps increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, is good for chronic fatigue. Moreover, black seed oil has a sexual enhancing effect, helps reduce fever, lowers blood pressure and high blood pressure, balances hypertension, cholesterol, strengthens the body’s immune system, provides resistance to diseases, helps to relieve toothache, this oil increases the duration of breastfeeding after pregnancy, provides milk increase in mothers who have given birth, is good for joint pain. It has a degassing feature, removes nasal congestion, also benefits people with asthma or allergic reactions, and is good for bronchitis and cough. It is especially effective for flu, which is a winter disease.

Ali Unyazicioglu - Kalonji Oil
Black Seed/Kalonji Oil
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