Rugs And Carpets In Turkish Culture

Carpets and rugs used for warming and protection from cold, moisture and insects. They have been one of the most important needs of our ancestors. Our ancestors, lived as nomadic and met their sheltering needs in tents, had frequently used carpets and rugs that are easy to carry and can easily be laid on the ground to protect them from soil moisture, insects entering the tent. Carpet and rug weaving have become an art in time.

The place and importance of carpet and rug, which have an important place in Turkish culture, in Anatolian culture can be examined in terms of need, art, and lifestyle.

Antique Konya Rug 141cmx216cm - 3
Antique Konya Rug 141cmx216cm – 3

Rugs As A Form Of Art

Carpet and rug weaving is an important part of Turkish culture. Turks reflect their own lifestyle, feelings, and thoughts by using carpets and rugs. In Turkish culture, it is necessary to consider carpets and rugs as artworks rather than items. From this point of view, we can say that carpets and rugs have an important artistic place and importance in Anatolian culture. They decorated with motifs and colors inspired by nature such as birds, insects, plants, animals. The importance shown in this regard has made carpet and rug weaving an art branch.

Pure Silk Carpet 45cmx72cm - 4
Pure Silk Carpet 45cmx72cm – 4

They expressed their feelings and thoughts, what they could not say to the carpets and rugs with the motifs and colors they used. They showed their hand skills, aesthetic understanding, arts. By looking at the embroideries, motifs, and colors in a carpet, information about the lives, ideas, perspectives, and beliefs of the people at that time can be obtained.

Antique Super Thin Rug 130x178 - 3
Antique Super Thin Rug 130×178 – 3

Ancient Times

The oldest known carpet is Pazırık Carpet, found in Central Asia Pazırık Kurgan. Carpet reflects both the style and technique of Central Asian art in the best way. This shows that the traditional technique of Turkish carpet art dates back to a very old past.

Hand Woven Anatolian Rugs 120cmx180cm - 2
Hand Woven Anatolian Rugs 120cmx180cm – 2

Ottoman Tradition

Ehli Hiref organization made the Ottoman Palace carpets. The carpets were made of materials such as silk, wool, and gold. Vivid and bright colors dominated the rich motif. This type of carpet, which differs from the classical understanding of Anatolia seen in the second half of the 15th century. They were called Ottoman palace carpets.

Pure Silk Carpet 38cmx50cm - 3
Pure Silk Carpet 38cmx50cm – 3

Carpets are still a huge part of our everyday lives. A house cannot be home without carpets. Even that we stopped weaving them ourselves we try to use our oldest traditional symbols on them. If you are trying to find a way to make you house a home you can reach all kinds of carpets from here.

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