Butterfly Valley, Turkey

Butterfly Valley, in Turkey, in the Faralya Village Fethiye, a spectacular natural wonder located between the high hills. The Valley was declared a first-degree natural protection area on February 8, 1995. Therefore, this astonishing place is closed to zoning and is still protected.


The History of Butterfly Valley

The history of Butterfly Valley dates back to the B.C. 400s. It is a tradition that started from Byzantine and Greek civilization to the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, gardening by building terraces on the slopes has continued until today. In the 1960s, Butterfly Valley was sold to various individuals with a tender. An agricultural engineer who bought this place was cut huge citrus and various fruit trees because they were old. He planned to plant saplings here with the thought that it would be more productive and to profit in a short time, but he could not cope with the overseas Valley and he left this place without trees. The Butterfly valley was founded in 1987 by despite the mountain goats, afforested vineyards and gardens that have been created with the works of by S.S. Anadolu Tourism Development Cooperative. Thus, this amazing Valley has become a natural paradise as seen today.

Butterfly Valley

What can you do in Butterfly Valleys?

You can see about 80 butterfly species in there. Moreover, butterflies will guide you while you are visiting there.  When you go the deeper in the valley, the more likely you are to see butterflies. Also, some tours will take you to Sovalye Island, Samanlık, Hillside, Aquarium, Dalyan, Kizilada and Calis Beach. You can choose whatever you want and get a chance to swim. Also, your other option is diving. It is possible to come across many sea creatures as it is in the protected area. If you have a chance to go to this perfect place, you better not miss this chance.

Source: https://gezimanya.com/fethiye/gezilecek-yerler/kelebekler-vadisi

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