Turkish Breakfast Culture: The Sweets

Sweets are crucial parts of traditional Turkish breakfast. Simple sweets like jam help you to feel more energetic by raising your blood sugar. Therefore the is indispensable, especially if you need to come to yourself in a very short period.

In this post, we will tell you about the different kinds of jam and other types of desserts that take hıge place in traditional Turkish breakfast culture.

Walnut Jam

It takes ten days and sometimes more than that to make Walnut Jam because walnuts need to be washed every day to reduce their bitter taste. After washing them for ten days, every day it has to sit in quicklime for two days. After this process, it is pretty much like other jams except it has to contain grapes too to balance its taste. Not very common in Anatolia for a proper Turkish breakfast.

Walnut jam has a unique taste. It’s definitely not bitter as walnut but not as sweet as strawberry jam. It is a rare kind of dessert therefore very precious.

walnut jam

Carob Extract

The fruit of the locust tree, which grows in the Mediterranean climate is green in all seasons, with the same name, is one of the fruits that stands out with its healing effects.

Carob can be seen in different forms. Molasses is one of the most popular of them. Carob extract is another form. Carob Extract is a liquid concentrated food obtained bypassing this fruit through various processes.

It is commonly used in preparing for Turkish breakfast due to its healthy features.

Koska Carob Extract
Koska Carob Extract


First of all, the grapes are washed from their stems after being washed thoroughly. It is taken into a deep pot or cauldron according to the amount you will make. If you are doing a small amount, you should crush the grapes with a crushing tool.

The grapes that are thoroughly crushed are taken into a cheesecloth and their water and pulp are separated. Then the water is boiled by stirring constantly over low heat. Then a substance called molasses soil is added.

Molasses are believed to prevent all kinds of diseases from flu to cancer therefore it is very common in everyday life. It also has proven anti-diabetes features. It is very common to eat during Turkish breakfast especially in the winter season.

grape molasses
grape molasses – turkish breakfast


It is a form of sesame that has become like a flowing oil by crushing and subjected to various processes. Good quality sesame seeds are washed and roasted after sequencing, peeling, and separation. Then it waits until it reaches room temperature. Then tahini is obtained by crushing. It is a very popular part of Turkish breakfast.

It is usually mixed with molasses. It is also used in the making of hummus.

Tahini – Turkish breakfast

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