History of Epimedium Putty?

Epimedium is an aphrodisiac plant that usually grows in far eastern countries such as China. Thanks to this plant, people in China have been curing many sexual diseases for centuries, and by mixing the plants, mixtures are made, and thanks to the mixtures, they can cure their problems. In China, no one knows the epimedium plant among the people. At the same time, according to one belief, the Chinese see this plant as a blessing from Allah. Epimedium is the plant that takes the name of epimedium paste and makes epimedium paste, epimedium paste.

The history of Epimedium dates back to about 1300-1400. According to rumors, a shepherd who grazes goats in the high parts of China sensed a different activity at certain times and followed them and realized that this secret was actually in the grass they ate, and since then it has become the current state. The name Epimedium is said to come from this event.

The effects of epimedium paste are known for its performance enhancer and solubilization of curing problems. Epimedium putty has been in use not only in our country but also in various countries of the world for centuries and it is said that the estimated dates of its use in China date back to 1400 years. It has been proven in men to increase the sensation in the sexual organ and to bring pleasure from contact to a higher level than normal. As a result of the researches, it is seen that the performance is increased by up to 70% – 75% and eliminates the hardening problem.

Used from the Ottoman to the present!

According to the sources obtained, the use of the epimedium plant in the Turks goes back to the Ottoman period. Epimedium paste used in the Ottoman period was both known and loved at that time. Epimedium paste, which was known as Sultan Paste in Ottoman times, is imported from China.

Why do people prefer this much?

When we look at the present day, our people and the peoples of the foreign states started to prefer herbal products more than the products with chemical content. Antibiotics, syrups, pills, and needles that we take today to solve the health problem in one place while inviting to other health problems in many places. In essence, people who take different types of viagra medicinal pills to cause different pain, even when experiencing the happiness of pain can not get rid of the side effects. Epimedium putty eliminates this type of side effect.


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