Difference between Turkish tea and English tea

Turkish people are drinking black tea and know it as ottoman empire tea. Like the Turks, there are two other countries that own tea. one of them is China and the other is England. British tea brewing technology is quite different from Turkish tea. What makes these two teas different?

The leaves of English tea are slightly different. The leaves are large and loose. If it brews for a long time, it will taste bitter. Therefore, they limit the maximum brewing time to 5 minutes.

What differentiates the brewing technique is the addition of milk into the tea.

The boiled water is slowly added to the tea which is thrown into the pot and let it rest for 5 minutes. In the next stage, milk is activated. The desired amount of milk is added to the tea. Sometimes this milk is served next to the tea and the person who drinks the tea adds the milk himself. Preparing English tea is actually that simple as Turkish tea.

The reason for the addition of milk to tea is to reduce theanine and acidity in the tea.

Of course, the taste of tea, as well as the British, was very much appreciated and this tea ritual has reached today.

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And you can see the tea is consumed in small tulip shaped glasses.

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