Grand Bazaar

Turkey’s largest city in the history of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul goes back to the mid 15th century Sultan II. Mehmet period. According to the foundation system, which is one of the most important practices that keep the Ottoman institutions alive, an income generating structure was created in order to meet the various needs of the mosques such as repair and maintenance costs. The most important of these income-generating structures are the bazaars, and the foundations of the Grand Bazaar were built in 1461 with the buildings built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet to bring income to Hagia Sophia.

Grand bazaar

The Grand Bazaar, which has become one of the most important commercial centers of the region in time, is home to the richest craftsmen of Istanbul and where the jewels and precious jewellery from all over the world are traded, served as a bank and financial center in these years. At the same time, because it is considered as one of the places that best reflect the Eastern life in the eyes of Istanbul and Europeans, the fact that it is included in many travel books and painters’ paintings also proves the historical and cultural importance of the Covered Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar, which is not only the oldest but the oldest shopping center in the world, is built on an area of 45,000 square meters and has a total of 3,600 shops. The Grand Bazaar, which is the heart of the economy in the Ottoman period where the store has a large area and even more than this number, is the first stopover point for those who come to Istanbul and want to shop.

People in the charming streets of bazaar

The number of visitors sometimes finds 500,000 people a day. Here’s a bag of carpets, textile products of gold and silver jewelry, your memories of antique china and Turkey will cherish forever is possible to find everything from souvenirs too. Some of the stores you enter into were run the same way hundreds of years ago and the same products were marketed. Who knows, maybe there was one of your ancestors who came to Istanbul, which we could call the most important touristic city of the world in the Ottoman period, and who shopped in these shops. You can find special products of Grand Bazaar in our website:

Colorful streets are amazing

The Grand Bazaar, which is large enough to be able to discover all the places even if you take your whole day only, is hosting a combination of new and modern with the new and old like Istanbul. Therefore, some of the products sold are the legacy of the Ottoman period, and others are the returns of the modern world. There are many places to shop around the Grand Bazaar. The street, which stretches between this place and the Nur-u Osmaniye Mosque, has shops that sell authentic eastern materials, especially carpets. You can find handmade souvenirs at the Arasta Bazaar, which is located behind the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Sultanahmet and its surroundings is another place where you can see all the different products except handcrafted souvenirs. We recommend that old book enthusiasts visit the Sahaflar Bazaar, which is located between Beyazit Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. *

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