The Story of Mesir Macun

Mesir Macun known as Turkish lollypop has lots of benefits and an old story behind its medical effects.

Turkish lollypop Mesir Macun
Turkish lollypop Mesir Macun

Ayse Sultan, who became the wife of Yavuz Sultan Selim and the mother of Suleyman the Magnificent after her placement from Crimea to the Ottoman Harem in the 16th century, became very ill after the death of her husband.

Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent
Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent

Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t find a cure thus Sultan Suleyman consulted Merkez Muslihiddin Efendi, the head of the theological schools belonging to the Yavuz Selim Mosque. He was already making medicines using herbs and spices for the sick people and built a small sort of hospital next to the school.

After receiving Suleyman‘s letter regarding his ill mother, he mixed 41 different types of plants and spices together to form a medicinal paste and sent it to the palace.

When Hafsa Sultan ate this paste, she was recovered and wanted to share this miraculous medicine with others.

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