How to make Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the oldest ways of brewing coffee since its discovery in the Middle Ages.

Traditionally, Turkish coffee is a finely ground coffee and it prepared in a cezve, (Turkish coffee pot).  The history is not very clear if the Turks invented this brewing method or not, but they certainly made it very popular.

Turkish coffee

Greeks prepare it the same way, and they call it Greek coffee, the whole Middle East brew coffee the same way and it’s called Arabic coffee, or Lebanese coffee.

You can call it however you want, the coffee gets prepared the same way, with small variations, such as adding various spices. 

Classic Turkish Coffee Recipe

Chef Fisun Ercan,  tells how to prepare the traditional way of brewing a Turkish coffee.

Traditional way

Some traditional and historic cafes and restaurants cook Turkish coffee in hot sand, for a better temperature control and transfer. However, we can’t have that setup at home. A short video about it can be seen here.

Using tech for the best

Classic brewing is not hard as you see, but if you don’t have the right equipment you can’t do it. A gas stove is the best, because the burner is not very hot, compared to an electric stove. A great alternative to cook Turkish coffee is the Turkish Coffee Maker, which has a perfectly calibrated burner, so the coffee is brewed at the right temperature.

The coffee makers adds a great amount of coffee foam on top of each coffee cups. There isn’t any real relation with the taste and the amount of the foam but there is a belief like that if the amount of foams are more it means the coffee is made well.

With a few amazing innovations, Beko (The brand) is taking coffee preparation to another level. All aspects of Turkish brewing are taken into consideration, to ensure hands-free operation, and a delicious cup, as good as the traditional way, if not better. 

If you are looking to buy a Turkish Coffee Maker, you can always find one in our store. Click here to see all of them. If you want an advice, I prefer using this one.

Sultan Turkish Delight with Pistachio Covered by Pistachio
Sultan Turkish Delight with Pistachio

The taste of a classic Turkish coffee is a little on the bitter side, but if you tweak your brewing parameters, you can avoid that. Some people like to compare it with espresso, and it has some of the espresso attributes, but the brightness of espresso is missing with this brewing type.

Because of its unique bitter taste, Turks are generally drinking Turkish coffee with Lokum. You can find different kinds of Turkish Lokum in our store too. Just click here to see them.

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