Turkish Baklava according to the Turkish Standards Institute

Turkish cuisine is influenced by various cultures and has a rich menu by influencing cultures. One of the leading products of the rich menu is Turkish Baklava. 

Baklava is a kind of dessert which is cooked by putting the inner mortars between very thin pastries and spilling sugar syrup on it. Baklava is derived from the word “bahlahu” meaning bundle.

Layers of Baklava as Bundle
Layers of Baklava as Bundle

According to the Turkish Standards Institute, the Turkish Baklava must be in its own unique color of yellow gold. It should not be burned or dark colored, there should be no difference in tone or firing in each part of the tray. The flavor in it should be preserved and not be changed. Do not freze/coat in the mouth, the density of the sorbet should not be dispersed in the mouth with its own puffiness. Apparently, the height of each slap should be more than 35 mm. The rate of baklava condiment should be at least 10%. Baklava should not contain any foreign material that is not very

Types of Baklava

Baklava is divided into three parts according to the design scheme, dry nuts used and cut shape. Imo all types are different and delicious. This is why we put all kind of Baklavas into our store.

You can find dried baklava, baklava with pistachio, walnut, shobiyet and winding and wrapped baklavas at our store. 

One of the most delicious ones;

  1. Sweethearts Lips with Pistachio
Yilmaz-Sweethearts Lips with Pistachio
Sweethearts Lips with Pistachio

2. Princess Baklava with Pistachio

Princess Baklava with Pistachio
Princess Baklava with Pistachio

3. Palace Wrap with Pistachio

Palace Wrap with Pistachio
Palace Wrap with Pistachio

4. Homemade Baklava with Walnut

Homemade Turkish Baklava with Walnut
Homemade Baklava with Walnut

If you want to try any of them, do not worry. We are delivering worldwide. Just check our store and taste most delicious Baklavas.

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