What To Do With Rose and Rosewater?

Rose has been maybe the most popular flower in human history. Its delicious smell and gorgeous flowers explain its fame. Rose can be harvest almost anywhere around the world. Maybe this is another reason why it became such an important part of our lives. Also, its products like rosewater have many characteristics from cosmetics to food.

In Turkish culture rose had and still has a special place. By its products, by symbolism and by generational knowledge like folk stories or ballads.

Rose Throughout History and World

In ancient Greece, the rose was the symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. When Aphrodite presented a rose to Eros, the god of love, the rose became the symbol of love and desire. It is also the symbol of silence and secrecy, as Eros gave a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence. In today’s parlance, sub rosa (“under the rose”) refers to something confidential and is derived from medieval diplomatic meetings where a rose was hung as a sign of secrecy and confidentiality.

Rose is a symbol of love and desire

In Turkish culture, the rose is more associated with religious content. Rose is believed to carry the smell of Mohammad and almost always associated with the love of God. Rose symbols are often used in religion-related items like prayer rug or Quran covers.

Turkish Rose Products

The rose, or gül as it is called in Turkish, has been blossoming throughout Turkish land and culture for generations. Rosewater and rose oil have been used in numerous ways by Turkish people over the years and is still being used today, where it is widely grown in Turkey and used for everything from oils and perfumes, to jams and sweets.

Rose oil gives vitality to the skin. It is an excellent cleanser for use in make-up removal. It is a natural product that can be used for allergic skin. Also, you can add it to your bath water which will help stress with its smell and also its smell will wear out even longer.

Rose oil

Rose cream tightens skin and takes birthmarks on it.

Rose cream

Rose also has antibacterial qualities. Rose soap helps killing most of the bacterias in a natural way.

Rose soap

The rose does not only smell delightful but tastes delightful too! The unique taste of the rose could be found in many delightful Ottoman dishes. Rosewater and rose products, such as rose confection and syrups, were used abundantly during Ottoman rule. 

Especially rose-flavored Turkish delight and rose-flavored Turkish coffee must be tried if the chance is given.

As - Turkish Coffee with Rose Turkish Delight
As – Turkish Coffee with Rose Turkish Delight
Lux Turkish Delight Rose

So if you’re trying to know what to do with rose and rosewater, don’t stop and carry the beautiful smell of roses and blessing of love goddess on your body with more products here

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